そんな日々のなかで、病院の中で励むリハビリテーション(理学療法)と、社会生活における ”暮らし” の間(あいだ)には、大きく ”見落としているコト” があるかもしれないと思うようになりました。

“暮らし” で大切になるコトは、心身機能の周りにあるコトだけじゃなく、もっと広く、深く、重たく、複雑であると感じました。

「それなら、病院の ”中” のことは、仲間たちの療法士に任せよう。病院の “外” に出て、社会をみよう、暮らしをみよう、やってみよう。」

「理学療法士の視点や経験、誇りの根幹は決して忘れず、リハビリテーション(理学療法)と暮らしの “間” に関わる存在になろう。」

そんなふうに暮らしていたら、嬉しいコト、悲しくなるようなコト、いろんなコトをみて、いろんなコトを経験して、MARUDOT INC.をつくりあげていくコトになりました。

三重県鳥羽市鳥羽1丁目2-12 toBAshare 1階
代表 | 理学療法士 杉 浦 徹 


This is a story from the past. It was when I was still young.

There were cases in which people who had worked hard in rehabilitation (physical therapy) in the hospital went home, but were readmitted to the hospital once again. I also met some people who could not go home despite their efforts in rehabilitation (physiotherapy).

In these days, I came to think that there might be something greatly “overlooked” between the rehabilitation (physical therapy) in the hospital and “life” in the community. I have come to think that there may be some things that are largely overlooked between the rehabilitation (physical therapy) that we strive for in hospitals on a daily basis and the “daily life” in society.

I felt that what is important in “daily life” is not only what is around the physical and mental functions, but also something broader, deeper, heavier, and more complex.

I thought, “Well, then, let’s leave the “inside” of the hospital to my fellow therapists. Let me go ‘outside’ the hospital and try to look at society, try to look at life, and try to do it.”

“I will never forget the perspective and experience of a physical therapist, the foundation of my pride, and I will be the one who is ‘in between’ rehabilitation (physical therapy) and daily life.”

Living in such a way, I have seen and experienced many things, both happy and sad, and have come to create MARUDOT INC.

Established on January 23, 2023
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Representative: Tohru Sugiura, Physical Therapist